New Pool & Pool renovation works

We can help you with all your new pool or pool renovation projects in Melbourne. With years of experience in the industry and a professional and dedicated team, we have the skills and know-how to complete your new pool or pool renovation project fast and efficiently.

We will assess your existing pool, discuss your desires and work to develop a comprehensive renovation plan. Your needs are our priority, and we will do everything in our power to create a design that you can enjoy and benefit from for years into the future. Rest easy with the knowledge that you will end up with the swimming pool of your dreams.


Parkview Landscaping create a range of highly creative concreting finishes and designs. From concrete driveways, patios and concrete paths to concrete cleaning and re-surfacing projects, we can do it all big or small.


Whether you would like us to do everything from design, paver selection, preparation and installation or just come in and do the heavy lifting we can help. Laying pavers can be quite physical work and if the surface beneath the pavers is not prepared correctly it won’t be long until that flat path is an uneven safety hazard. Save yourself the hassle of laying pavers and get in contact with Parkview to create a terrific path, driveway or outdoor entertaining area that is aesthetically pleasing and super strong, level and stable. Our team will make sure there is suitable drainage and provide advice for cleaning and maintenance.


The combination of our technical experience and design background will provide both the aesthetic guidance and construction knowledge to create a cost effective timber element to complement your surrounding landscape or important outdoor setting. Let Parkview Landscapes be the ones that transform your outdoor space.

Stone Work

Stonework can add a timeless aesthetic to your landscape project. It can be used as a feature or focal point, as well as adding structure to your garden, segmenting areas and directing movement through the landscape. We offer stonemasonry in the form of retaining walls, walkways, columns and pillars, staircases and feature walls, both inside and out as well as paving for entertaining areas, driveways, paths and around pools.

Retaining Walls

Here at Parkview Landscaping, we believe retaining walls should be a structure built to last without requiring regular maintenance. Utilising the best construction principles we have constructed retaining walls across Melbourne for the past 14 years which have not required any maintenance or rectification. At Parkview Landscaping we understand and appreciate that a well built retaining wall, using the correct construction techniques, will last.